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    HOP & DOX is a vibrant webshop built to spread the happy! Bits and pieces of the brand began to formulate in 2013 when founder, Abby Peitsmeyer, decided it was time to find her Monday through Friday, rain or shine, every day happy.

    In 2015, Abby and her husband Matt took a leap of faith and quit their “stable” jobs to pursue the happiest life they could imagine! They settled back home in Cincinnati, OH with their two fur babies; seven year old rabbit, Sophie, and brand new miniature dachshund puppy, Vernie. Soon, “HOP” & “DOX” was born. You will find their adorable inspiration throughout the shop!

    HOP & DOX is passionately set out to enhance your day-to-day life with color, sparkle, and coziness. Here you will find eye-capturing, unique designs that are crafted all over the world, and many right here in the USA. Each Item is hand-picked or custom designed with lots of love. You will discover things that fill life with color – curated and collected in one place, just for you.

    We hope that our collection will bring joy and inspiration to your daily life. To see what’s inspiring us lately, browse Our Favorites or visit us on Pinterest and Instagram.